Zombie Diary 2 V1.2.4 Unlimited Gold coins Diamond

Zombie Diary 2: Evolution-arcade shooting game, allows you to take away an American town, almost all residents have become bloodthirsty zombies. The main goal here is to reduce the walking dead population and save the uninfected population. It will have to use guns, which is an impressive Arsenal.
To help you, you will use a large number of the most diverse apocalyptic weapons in battle. Create and improve your skills and draw out characters, draw new weapons from drawings, and stay away from enemies and damp places! Stop the all-out attack and become a hero!

Zombie Diary 2: Evolution Mod Apk

Gameplay of Zombie Diary 2:

You are one of the only survivors left and must equip yourself to fight and save humanity from the brink of extinction. In addition to this simple plot, you can also solve many mysteries in this game, which is a fun way to play. In this game, zombies are everywhere! You play the game in 2D settings, and zombies appear right and left. After successfully completing each level, you will receive monetary rewards that can be used to upgrade your characters and weapons. Overall, the game is a fun way to kill time while eliminating zombies.

Features of the Zombie Diary 2: Evolution

  • Therefore, the manufacturer ensures that players keep participating and hooked on the game by introducing the concept of about 30 kinds of weapons, each with its own unique qualities.
  • In order to ensure that players do not get bored, the manufacturer has added another exciting feature to the game, the concept of 11 mysterious maps, which allows you to unlock new and exciting levels of difficulty for the game.
  • The producer also made sure to take advantage of the opportunity to play games with all your friends on Facebook. You can invite all your friends from your Facebook friends list and compete with each other to determine the best player there.
  • However, the site provides older links that can access useless old versions. For those who cannot download Zombie Diary 2: Evolution (pro, unlimited funds) Apk from the Google Play Store for any reason, don’t worry!

Zombie Diary 2: Evolution Mod Apk

weapons and equipment

Fortunately, the developers did not let us down, because they included more than 10 weapons in the game! These include rifles, pistols, snipers, and even mecha guns! You can collect all items by purchasing, or you can pick them on the spot to use them. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages and unique characteristics. In addition, you can upgrade weapons to cause more damage to zombies.


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