YouTube Blue Apk Download 2021 (Updated Version)

By | May 31, 2021
Name YouTube Blue
Category Tool
Size 63 MBs
Version v14.21.54
Developer Vanced
Price Free
Updated May 31, 2021

YouTube Blue Apk is an application same YouTube application available on our devices by Google. All the users mostly use YouTube because it defaults app due to google and the second one is that it is used widely to watch, share, and upload videos. But YouTube has some restrictions for being an official application. Due to large audiences, it has a monopoly on the videos watching and sharing. Due to this, it has an annoyingly high ad ratio, and each video starts with most ad videos that irritate you for 4 to 5 seconds.

Ads are not only limited to the beginning, but if any video that is popular or becoming a hit or is from hit drama, then these ads and ads videos will be getting in the way every 4 to 10 minutes and the whole fun of watching the video, drama, or a movie is gone. To resolve this problem third party-developers created the same app in the modded version, and to free you from annoying ads, they gave the YouTube Blue app, and you can download the YouTube Blue app from our secure website. Also, other features of this application attract thousands of android users, such as you can play videos in the background while working on other apps like chatting and playing games.

Features YouTube Blue Mod Apk

Blue YouTube is an app with all the features that official YouTube contains, with extra features that mostly attract many users. All the options like watching, sharing the videos, downloading, and uploading the videos are the same. But what attracts users to the Blue YouTube app is its others feature like a built-in ads blocker, dark theme, and you can play video in the background.


Ad-Blocker is the main feature if we say to download the YouTube app. Because the users are irritated by frequent ads appearing while watching the video, other applications can avoid these pop-ups and ads on YouTube with other ad-blockers, etc. But in the case of this app, it has a built-in ad-blocker, and users do not have to download other ad blockers. So, enjoy the videos and movies, share, and download without being irritated by the ads.

Play in Background

Another amazing feature to look for this app is that it allows users to search and chat with this app running in the background. Got an emergency text while on official YouTube, you have to shut it first, then can reply to the text, but in the case of the blue youtube app, you can reply while running the app in the background.

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HDR Mode

What is your internet speed? Cannot play a high-resolution video on the app. Open HDR mode of this app and change resolution settings, and play in low or medium quality. If you have a good net connection, then put HDR mode on high-resolution and watch your favorite videos in HD and enjoy. This app lets you decide whether to watch a video in low, medium, or high quality.

Zoom In

The zoom-in option lets the user zoom in on the video while watching it. It means a user can magnify the video and see different small details in the zoom-in option. You can pinch the screen, drag it out to maximize it, zoom in or zoom out, and look for what you are searching for.

Window Style

The window Style option is to surf new videos in the app while the current video playing video is resized in the window and comes at the bottom of the screen in a small portion. This way, you can search for new videos or what other videos are there with the same search.


Theme means what the color or the background color of the app is. There are many themes to try on this app, and this app lets users change the theme according to their interests. But that option lacks in official youtube.

Repeat the Video

Sometimes, the user likes a song or other video and wants it to play repeatedly without clicking on the screen. Here in this app, you can repeat the video as many times as you want to go to setting and select the option repeat for that video and if you want to repeat the whole playlist, then select under the setting.

Download the Video

Suppose you want to download the video. This app has the option to download the video and watch it in your free time. You have to resync it in three to four days with the connection on.

How to Download YouTube Blue Apk?

  1. Go to the Download link given.
  2. Click on the link and download the apk file.
  3. Now go to your phone setting and allow permission for unknown sources to download from.
  4. Now go to the downloaded folder on the phone.
  5. Click on the file and install.


This app is best for the users that are irritated by ads while watching the videos and YouTube. Built-in adblocker allows users to experience ad-free videos. All the options like downloading, watching, uploading, and sharing videos are available on this app with extra features to explore.



  • What is the difference between YouTube and YouTube Blue?
    YouTube is the official site from Google, whereas YouTube Blue is a third-party app and possesses the same and features.
  • What is the difference between YouTube Blue and YouTube Vanced?
    Both are the same application with a slight difference.
  • Is YouTube Blue available on the google play store?
    YouTube Blue is not available on the Google play store because it is a third-party app. You can download this app on this site. Just click on the download option given.
  • What are the features of Youtube blue apk?
    -Free apk
    -Built-in adblocker and dark theme.
    -Change location to watch restricted videos.
    -Blue interface is available
  • Is it safe to download YouTube blue apk?
    Yes, it is safe to download the YouTube Blue apk. Please choose the best and secure site like ours to download where it is safe and secure to download.

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