Tintin Match Mod APK 1.19.8 (Unlimited Money)

By | April 19, 2021

Tintin Match is a match 3 puzzle game designed by 5th Planet Games Development ApS on 31 August. This game is based on the anime series ‘’The Adventures of Tintin’’ and the game’s characters are anime-based. This game is based on crime investigation. The main character of the game is Tintin who is a crime reporter and solves mysterious problems with the help of clues, and puzzles given in the game.

Tintin Match Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlock everything
  • No ads
  • Endless gems

Tintin Match Mod APK

The Story

The story of Tintin Match begins with a journalist named Tintin as the game’s name suggests. He is a crime reporter who solves crimes based on small given clues and travels around the globe to collect data on crimes. The character accompanies a dog named snowy whose sense of smell is extraordinary. Other game characters like scientist Dr. Calculus who invents odd gadgets. Somewhat these odd inventions help the hero in solving crimes and other characters are Thompsons who police officers investigating crimes.

Solve The Crab with the Golden Claws

As you start the game there comes the adventure of solving the crab with golden claws. The day is just like any other where snowy is checking on empty tins and detective Thompsons investigating a money counterfeit problem. Here comes the twist, a mysterious man delivers a letter to the Tintin who is kidnapped. Follow the hero in investigating this mysterious case that goes from local streets to foreign lands to solve the problem of the crab with golden claws and have fun in solving clues.

Calm and Dynamic Gameplay

The gameplay starts gradually from easy to difficult tasks. The dynamic and intelligent hero investigates every aspect calmly and proceeds with caution. The gradual increase in difficulty attracts the attention of the audience and familiarize gamers with new tasks and elements. After completing levels, you will get rewards and bonuses, and the necessary tools to solve crimes.

Match Three Puzzles

To help Mr. Tintin, solve the hand-crafted match-three puzzles. These puzzles will challenge your brain to end and hard to solve. You will get 3 stars if you win this on the first try if not then try as many times as you want to solve hand-crafted match-three puzzles.

Tintin Match Mod APK

Different Modes to Play

This game is played in two modes, online and offline. In online mode, you will get new updates and hence new puzzles. Chat with other online players join alliances and solve mysterious crimes. You can joy this game in offline mode as well and save your progress in the archive.

Construct your World and Create your Sources

To create new gadgets to help your hero in solving the problem then create a new world. When you have solved high levels then you unlock miniatures that help you to make gadgets like a double aero plane and glove. Get new kits and boosters to help Tintin to solve puzzles.

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Graphics and Sound

The Graphics of the games are amazing even mini details have been highlighted that help in solving puzzles. Using isometric, the player can see whole surroundings and do not miss the clue. The soundtrack complements the gameplay and is soothing to the ear and does not distort the player’s concentration.

How to Download and Install Tintin Match Apk?

  1. Press the given Download option below.
  2. Go to the download folder on your mobile.
  3. Open the file and click setup.
  4. Install and enjoy detective life virtually and solve mysterious crimes.


The Tintin Match is fun to play. Well-designed and detailed game bright, dynamic yet calm gameplay. Be a detector with Mr. Tintin and solve crimes and help him to fulfill his journalist duty. Make sure to tag along the snowy that has a sharp nose that will help you in puzzles. Also, solve hand-crafted match-three puzzles to get extra coins and gems to level up.




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