Slash & Girl Mod APK 1.65.5052 (Unlimited Diamonds/Coins)

By | April 15, 2021

Slash & Girl Description

Endless running games are always the fanatic type of games. They test the cognitive skills you acquire and are super addictive. In addition, the same is true for action slash games. So let’s mix the two together to get a bigger result. Download Slash and Girl for Android and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Let your badass girl play in various game modes and run through automatic paths. However, please avoid using the clown here to stop you. Although sweeping is not the only way to avoid danger. Only through them drastically cut. Your girl, with a sword in her hand, will completely destroy anything that tries to stop her.

Slash & Girl-Endless Run – This is a stylish, spectacular, Hollywood-style action movie that crosses with “Endless Runners”, dedicated to saving the planet from imminent threats. The protagonist, Doris, will have to crush the enemy, jump over obstacles in acrobatics, and then slide along the edge of the razor in a battle with the big boss. Every error-now the Game Over initial screen has appeared on the screen. But there is no need to worry about failure-with a large amount of money in the mod, it is possible to get into battle again, but this time-to seize the crown of the championship and gain a foothold at the highest level.

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Slash & Girl Features:

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Diamonds

Slash and Girl Top Features

Check out the slash and running features for all to revel in during gameplay…

  • Slash through tons of Jokers. Cut you’re passed any competition and obstacles in your way.
  • There are multiple game modes with different focuses. Fever Mode is built for speed, for example. Gain more and more velocity as you swipe down and become a force to be reckoned with.
  • Customize your girl. Choose various costumes, suits, and weapons to personalize your own runner the way you like. Keep that extra layer of immersion to your experience and that’ll keep anyone playing for longer.


Slash and Girl controls are just like other “endless running” games you want. However, some additional mechanisms have been added to the basic controls, which adds to the fun. Of course, we are referring to sword fighting and machete mechanics.

When swiping left and right on the phone screen, your girl will automatically cut enemies. In addition, swiping up will cause the character to jump into the air while swiping down will cause the character to make a roll attack.

All these different sliding commands, as well as constant speed and obstacle speed, make the seemingly simple game a test of skill. Do you have coordinated hands and feet to deal with these factors? Continue to challenge yourself.


Let’s talk about the graphics for one minute. Slash and Girl bring enjoyable 3D graphics in HD that keep the gameplay fresh and fun.

In addition, the animations are smooth and crisp. Playing the game and using swipe commands feel so natural and satisfying. For this reason, everything relating to the visuals of this endless running game is stunning and brilliant.

Overall, we would give the graphics and animations an 8/10.


That being said, you don’t even need to work hard to achieve cosmetic and customized financial goals. If you can skip these small issues, you don’t need to worry about them. So go ahead and get the Slash and Girl Endless Run APK for Android. You will not regret the decision to play such an addictive and fun game for your mobile device.

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