Re-Size-I‪t‬: to Solve the Brain Puzzle MOD APK 1.5.2

By | May 5, 2021

Re-Size-It to Solve the Brain Puzzle is a puzzle category game like erase her puzzle story. It is designed by the SayGames. The game is about reshaping the objects to fit into the right place. Be it your ice cream to make it bigger or Soccer goal to make it easier for your team to goal. Size matters in those matters. You can make these changes out of nowhere in the real world. Because you do not have a magic wand even. Therefore, this is a game where you can resize anything via super cool laser made with high-tech.

Re-Size-I‪t to Solve the Brain Puzzle‬ Features

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited coins
  • No Ads
  • Unblock everything

Re-Size-I‪t‬ to Solve the Brain Puzzle

Size Matters!

Ever thought of a big ice cream cup or narrowing your soccer team goal to make it difficult for another team to goal. Then this game is for you where you can supersize or shrink the objects to fit them right with a high-tech laser beam. Look around the objects that need to be fit in the place and hit those with a laser beam to resize and solve the puzzles.

Broaden Your Mind

The player can resize everything in this game just hit it with a laser beam and boom the object will be resized. This is an ingenious physics game to solve enthralling puzzles. Either the basket does not fit into the ring or the shoe is too tight to put a foot in it then blast it with a high-tech laser to make it fit. Look at the whole view and see if something does not fit go on and try the laser beam. Try to think the best way to put your logical thinking into action and then blast the objects with a laser then what! Your problem is solved is not that convenient? Ahn! First, try the game and go through the puzzles to see how your mind works!

Re-Size-I‪t‬ to Solve the Brain Puzzle

Big on Variety

There are more than 200 objects to shrink and expand. Look for the object and think that you have to it bigger or to shrink it kaboom! Hit it blast of laser beam here you go the object-fit right in the place and the puzzle is solved. With more objects to resize there are multiple locations to explore. From single to huge cities think through the object to resize with your brain and perception. The objects used before can be applied in different ways so think it twice about what to do? Along with locations and objects, there are dozens of cool-looking laser guns. Solve multiple levels to get new laser guns and then hit the objects with new cool-looking guns.

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Big Laughs!

This game is physics-based with real fun and humor. Most of the levels in the game give you chills and the reason to laugh out loud.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are attractive and not too shabby to play the game. It provides a delightful and relaxing environment to play the game have fun. The soundtrack is also soothing and does not distract the player of the game.

How to Download Re-Size-I‪t to Solve the Brain Puzzle?‬

  1. Click on the Download Button given below.
  2. Open the lick and hit it
  3. Open the file location
  4. Click on the setup
  5. Install and enjoy brain teaser games and expand and shrink the objects.


This game is a puzzle base. Ready your brain to take some thinking. Use your perceptions whether to expand or shrink an object and do what the game demands. Use tools and laser guns to resize the objects that fit right in place. Have a sharp eye, true perception, and a gun laser beam here you go enjoy the puzzle game!


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