Murderous Pursuits Mod APK 1.0 (Unlimited Coins)

By | April 22, 2021

Murderous Pursuits is a hunting game by Chinese gamers Netease Game. the game was first released for PCs and recently released for mobile platforms. The plot starts with an appearing mysterious man recruiting a personal assassin. He has recruited 8 characters including yours. Your goal as a player is to survive till the very end of the game, killing 7 other Quarry. Of course, You have to be very careful during your quest or hunting. Hunt as quietly as possible and save yourself from being prey. You are a hunter at the same time you are prey, game-winning depends on who first gets whom.

Murderous Pursuits Features

  • Unlimited coins
  • Endless Diamonds
  • Unlimited Gold chests
  • Countless Swords
  • Avatar- Invitations
  • No Need to root the device
  • Download Free
  • Easy to Install

Murderous Pursuits Mod APK

Be Careful in Your Hunt

This is a hunting game. Be ready to face any situation here and turn that condition in your favor. The system will show you the red skulls of the hunters if nearby. There is an assassin near you it means there is a target so be careful and kill that prey if possible or get hell out of there. Use safety spots like the Vignette area that is designated by dashed lines and play NPC (Non-Playing Character). Stay there prepare yourself and have a plan then set out for the hunt. There is an ability earned during a game that allows you to identify the personnel in a game like hunters, quarry, and normal NPC and it can be used after 40 seconds s=interval. Look right and left for the status of hunters.


In Murderous Pursuits before entering the invitation for the assassination exam at HMCS Brittannic the player can choose an avatar from given characters. There are a variety of characters from the victorian period i.e different shapes and classes. The player’s avatar does not have any skills at first but the game provides skills to choose two from these. collect skills carefully that go in hand with your avatar. The six skills to choose from are counterattack, release stun blind bombs, prey detection, increase accumulated points after you knock down another hunter.

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Avoid Cops

The game has also obstacles like cops that can arrest you. If you murder in their presence that is the end of the game for you. Watch before you hunt if there is law enforcement nearby. If you see whistles crossed out that is a chance to go for it and hunt one down.

Murderous Pursuits Mod APK

Graphics and Sound

The designers created cartoon-type animation games and almost perfect other parameters. Draw range other parameters are in contrast and outshine the game. The soundtrack of the game is good and the background sound could get the next movie’s attention.

How To Download and Install Murderous Pursuits?

  1. Press the Download Option given below.
  2. Open the file location downloaded.
  3. Click on the setup.
  4. Install and enjoy hunting while saving yourself from being hunted.


This game is simple and engaging but, in some areas, needs attention from the designers like plot increment and including characters. Yet it is not easy to cope with assassins hunting and getting the job X-Factor for a mysterious recruiter. Download it and enjoy the hunt!



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