Mr Ninja Slicey Puzzles Mod Apk 2.17 (Unlimited Money)

By | April 21, 2021

Mr Ninja Slicey Puzzles is the sequel of the already famous game Mr Bullet- Spy Puzzles. Both games are designed by Lion Studio. The character in the first game has a gun and is a spy that solves puzzles and defeats enemies with bullets. But in the later launched game hero has a sword instead of the gun and is a ninja that wipes out enemies by slice/slash of the sharp sword. Test your puzzle-solving skills and swiping and slicing away the pirates, zombies, and spies.

Mr Ninja Slicey Puzzles Features

The gameplay is simple and straightforward. The player has to use his fingers to cut through enemies’ guts and win. Zombies, spies, and other creatures appear on the screen the player has to kill them to win. the player has to control the gameplay with fingers swipe the fingers to mark the slicing angle for the sword.

Mr Ninja Slicey Puzzles Mod Apk

Cut Precisely

At the start, the player will cut enemies easily with less precision. To kill the enemies and finish them in a single blow the player must use the sword properly and cut correctly to the enemies. When the game enters in upper levels then it becomes difficult just to cut enemies blindly crosswise. Because they adopt the defense mechanism and block your attacks. To finish the swipe your fingers correctly and you can cut other items such as boxes and TNT to knock them out. You can Split barrels that fall on the enemies and kill them.

Destroy All enemies and Save the World

Mr ninja is on a secret mission and has to save the world. Use your wits and skills to beat spies, zombies, aliens, and agents who come in your way. Take them down and be the savior of the world.

Mr Ninja Slicey Puzzles Mod Apk

Endless Missions

Endless enemies appear in Mr ninja’s game and there are lots of levels to complete. Slice through objects and start chain reactions to defeat all the enemies. There are plenty of missions like rescuing hostage, throwing darts and other secret missions to complete.

Gameplay based on Physical Mechanics

The mechanics of the game allows the only intelligent and smart person to solve the puzzles speed and to counter that start now and prove you are smart and can achieve 3 stars on completing every level.

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Many Locations

The game is based on different locations. Each location has its different enemies to defeat. The game starts in the Japanese scene therefore these evil ninjas are enemies to defeat and complete the level. then locations changes to the water where Mr ninja has to fight pirates. The game has other creatures as characters other than humans such as vampires and zombies.

Mr Ninja Slicey Puzzles Mod Apk

Graphics and Sound

The graphics of the game are simple and fade into the background. the three-dimensional effects are placed in the game. The soundtrack is also compatible with the game and you can hear explosions, screams, and sharp sword whistles.

How to Download and Install Mr ninja Slicey Puzzles?

  1. Click on the Download Button given below.
  2. Press the download folder.
  3. Click the setup of the game.
  4. Install and enjoy the game.


This game is good to pass the boring time. The gameplay is addictive, and you won’t get bored by playing. Kill the evil ninjas, zombies, agents, and spies and save the world.


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