Monopoly Sudoku Mod Apk 0.1.38 Complete Puzzles

By | April 18, 2021

Monopoly Sudoku is the combination of two games Monopoly and Sudoku. It is launched by Marmalade Game Studio. The original sudoku game is present since the ’80s. The developers made some interesting changes to appeal to the gamers to take once again on brain maniac game of sudoku. The best mechanics of the game and its graphics interest the gamers and can be played in multiple modes. At the start, the players can use training mode to hone their skills after getting the game they can play with other players. This game improves the tactical and strategical skills of the player.

Monopoly Sudoku Features

  • Multiplayer
  • No ads
  • No transactions
  • Championships
  • Pencil Marker
  • Time-Limited
  • Play in Monopoly-style

Monopoly Sudoku Mod Apk

Sudoku in Monopoly Style

Sudoku has been a famous game for a long time. In sudoku, the player has to set the numbers in squares. Let’s take this old game to an advanced level with Mr. Monopoly. But in this, the developers made changes like the time limit factor and hint option to make it more interesting and engaging. the board is divided into 3*3 subnets. In subnets, some of the cells are pre-entered. Fill the remaining cells via given hints. A pencil feature is added to mark the possible numbers and eliminating inaccurate numbers. Hone your grid skills and take on your family and family and show them who is boss.

Sudoku School

Sudoku Monopoly is the place where the player is offered diverse options to improve the techniques in gameplay. Sudoku School is the place you get hints, tactics, and knowledge to strategize your numbers to put in cells.

Monopoly Sudoku Mod Apk

Practice Mode

Practice mode is critical in this game because of the time limit. Therefore, the developers made this mode to enhance the capabilities of the player. Improve your skills and practice those moves that you just learned in Practice mode and unlock new aids.


Multiplayer is a central feature in Monopoly Sudoku that differs it from sudoku. with no one to spar, the sudoku was boring and less likely to know the player’s progress. Play with your friends and family and see who is best at putting numbers and solving the puzzles. Also, go online and challenge other online players to compete and win so that you can rank high globally.

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Additional Interactions

Along with traditional numbers games there different interactions in the game. Play 4 Japanese puzzle battles and quick one-on-one competitions that give you an edge on learning but don’t affect your seasonal ratings. like, sudoku battles, dice rolls, and map travel are different interactions to check.

Monopoly Sudoku Mod Apk

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are monopoly styled and colors are nicely matched. The interface is simple and understandable for beginners and pros. The sound effect is good not too appealing to the game but to mention important events.

  • Monopoly Sudoku is just not a numbers game but also you can play dice rolls and Japanese puzzles.
  • Compete with other online players to get extra rewards.
  • Go to Sudoku School to learn new tactics and practice new moves.
  • Remember the time limit which is 3-5 minutes and win the game.
  • Play aid free with no transactions game.

How to Download and Install Monopoly Sudoku Apk?

  1. Press the Download Button given below.
  2. Open the location of the file (Folder).
  3. Press the setup.
  4. Install and Enjoy the numbers, puzzles, and dice roll game.


This game is a combination of two different games. It provides gamers a unique atmosphere to play puzzles game. This game increases your numbers capabilities. Compete with other online competitors earn some rewards climb up the difficult levels blow your mind with puzzles.



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