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By | July 15, 2021

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Match Town Makeover is a very interesting puzzle game. As part of the gameplay, you have to improve your house and tidy up the area nearby by completing a number of tasks. Complete exciting levels of varying degrees of difficulty and match-3 puzzles. Earn stars for completing any of the levels and spend them on tasks from family or friends in the application. The project contains many locations that you have to restore, which means that the gameplay will not let you get bored for a long time. In addition to the restoration of house, a very interesting storyline awaits players. Meet new characters and learn their stories and even secrets. We also recommend downloading Ball Sort Puzzle and Blockman GO.


Overall Info

Category Puzzle
Developer G5 Entertainment
Version 1.12.1301
Size 130 Mb
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Requires Android 4.3+


Read our review to the end to find out all the nuances about the game.

Favorite Match 3 Puzzle Returns

As already noted, as part of the Match Town Makeover gameplay, players go through a series of stages and solve match-3 puzzles. The essence of such levels is that you have to connect multi-colored elements in a combination of a similar color. Users will be able to combine with each other from three or more elements. It is worth noting that the more items you have connected, the better the bonus you will receive. The game features a wide variety of similar boosters that can make the process of passing easier for you.

Match Town Makeover Screenshot 3

Match more than three items of the same colors and get bonus that will multiply your score. After collecting four or more identical colors in a row, a cracker becomes available to you. Combine even them and obtain powerful ones that can create explosions in the area. The area of ​​the lesion depends on the number of combined crackers. Try to make the biggest explosion. Collect five or more items of the same type and get access to the use of a colorful rainbow, which will clear the playing field of the same colors. There are also other boosters in the game, which you can familiarize yourself with during the gameplay.

Decorate your home and the whole city

Match Town Makeover story focuses on a young girl who needs to help her father fix house, and then finds a job as a cleaner to clean up the surrounding area. To complete the tasks, you need stars, that you can earn solving match-3 levels. When you pass a level, you have the opportunity to install any new item in the house. It can be anything from a painting to a floor covering. When you have installed any object and eventually realized that it does not look at all in the overall picture of the room, you can accumulate some currency and change it to any other one that is more suitable in color, shape and so on.

In addition to restoring the house, Match Town Makeover allows players to do garden work. There is a gorgeous garden near the building, which has also fallen into disrepair and all overgrown with weeds. You need to plant new plants, install benches, gazebos, fountains, statues, and more. Do not forget to fulfill the requests of city mayor and clean the local beach of debris, as well as sweep the roads. As a result, you will be able to improve the completely small city. At many levels, you will have access to one of three improvement options. Which one – choose for yourself.

Dialogue and interesting characters

As mentioned above, a huge number of character encounters await players. They will tell you many stories about this particular place. The stories are fascinating and at times very mysterious. In the course of such conversations with the game characters, you will learn about the presence of secret locations.

Match Town Makeover Screenshot 2

Each Match Town Makeover character is well designed both graphically and in terms of behavior. All heroes have own character, which is revealed as you progress. You will definitely fall in love with one of the many heroes. Chat and make new acquaintances in this interesting world. There are many dialogues in the application, so a lot of both game actions and text awaits the user.

Graphics and sound

Match Town Makeover has an excellent graphical component. All levels, locations and characters can boast of the highest level. When completing tasks, you hear a very pleasant musical accompaniment, which allows you to tune in to the desired mood and relieve tension. Absolutely any player can enjoy the game, since there is a rather intuitive interface with English and convenient controls.

Mod Description

We offer you to download mod for Match Town Makeover, which allows players to get unlimited number of stars and gold. Recall that stars are the only way to complete tasks and usually only completing puzzles can bring it to you. As for gold, you will receive 50 thousand coins after each completed puzzle thanks to the mod. Spend money on improving the interior and exterior.

Mod Testing

The storyline of Match Town Makeover begins with an introduction to the main character, who helps you throughout the gameplay. The house that requires upgrades is the property of the character. Now the main task of the player is to take care of house and all its inhabitants. The girl’s father lost his job and now she needs to find money. To do this, she goes to the mayor of the city and takes up the very first proposal – remove the local beach from garbage. The further you progress in the story, the more you immerse yourself in this amazing and beautiful world.

Match Town Makeover Screenshot 1

The improvement starts from the house, where you need to change the facade completely. You will be able to choose one of three options. You can complete other missions after completing the task and winning stars. With each level, the tasks become more difficult, so you should be careful. To successfully complete puzzles, you need to use bonuses. Just match four figures of the same color together or create a bomb from five items.

It is worth noting that every defeat in Match Town Makeover tasks takes lives of which there are only five. The life reserve restores according in-game time, so if you failed to pass the test the first time, it is okay, you can try again later.

Our Summary

Match Town Makeover is an addicting game in which you have to solve puzzles and equip an entire city as you wish. In addition, here you can meet various characters, neighbors and even enemies, who can give you various tasks throughout the game.

How to Install Match Town Makeover Mod?

  1. Go to download page and get the latest app version.
  2. Open file manager and launch
  3. Switch on “Allow from this source” tab in device settings in case of installing APK file for the first time.
  4. Complete installation process following tips on the screen.

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