Masketeers Idle Has Fallen Mod APK 1.8.0 (Unlimited Money)

By | April 18, 2021

Masketeers Idle Has Fallen is a Role-playing game. The plot for this game start with the loser hero who has got no job and the girl left him. He is on the verge of committing suicide then a powerful mask appears on his hands that gives him incredible strength to confront sinister demons and defeat them. You have to fight a bunch of demons and henchmen with spells. Meet new game characters and tag them along to get help to defeat monsters and demon bosses.

Masketeers Idle Has Fallen Features

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Crystals
  • Grow and Transcend
  • Be Adorned With Power
  • Fortune Favors The Bold
  • Master The Orbs
  • Unlock All Special Costumes for Caine

Masketeers Idle Has Fallen Mod APK

Unlock New Mask

Masks are the critical weapons in this game. Each mask has some special attributes to it and a hero can attain different attacking spells. The player has to unlock as many masks as possible to get more power to defeat the demons and demon bosses. Use strategically every mask spells and perks that suit the fight and give you an advantage.

Master the Orbs

Orbs are the items to release the power of the masketeers. Chain Orbs are used to unleash unique attacks. Attain different orbs to gain crucial power to defeat wraiths.

Masketeers Idle Has Fallen Mod APK

Summon Friends to Team Up

As the game starts only the RPG character fights the demons. But few minutes into the game a friend Pixie comes to the aid of the main character and fights along with him to defeat the demons. She has a unique set of skills to fight. Before fight calculate your and your friend’s strength to defeat the enemies.

Upgrade Your Heroes

In this game, there is a system of leveling up or upgrading the heroes. By upgrading, heroes become more powerful and add more skills to them. You need the coins to upgrade your hero. The coins are gained after defeating the demons and the bosses. The more powerful demon or boss the more coins you get. In exchange for coins, heroes are upgraded which includes strength, new skills, defense mechanisms, and lives, etc.

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Fight Bosses

As you pass fighting from the ordinary mobs then there come the bosses. Bosses have high damage and more HP, so it is in your best interest to keep cool and powerful moves and spells to defeat them. It is difficult to defeat the bosses none the less reward is also massive.

Masketeers Idle Has Fallen Mod APK

Graphics and Sound

Masketeer’s has fine and colorful graphics. The variety of the masks, skills, heroes, and scenery is well designed with crisp graphics. The powerful soundtrack plays at walkthrough and portraits the environment of the game.

– Look at the best runes and masks that suit your battle strategy more.
– Chain orbs to unleash more power and use wisely to enhance the team’s performance.
– Grow and trance to the new levels by gaining experiences and challenges.
– Guardians, wisps, Fortunes, and charming creatures bring luck to the Masketeer’s.

How to Download and Install Masketeers Idle Has Fallen Apk?

  1. Press the Download Button given below.
  2. Go to the folder where the file is downloaded.
  3. Click on the setup of Masketeer’s .
  4. Install and enjoy the power of masks, spells, and perks.


Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen is an interesting RPG game. It has masks that possess some power. Play use spells, defeat demons and be wary of bosses make a solid strategy to defeat them.


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