Idle Port Tycoon 3.2.2 Mod (Unlimited money) Sea port empire

Idle Port Tycoon” is an excellent game, the cute and exciting simulation does not require any special work or immersion in digital and other projects, but only a small amount of the subtleties of the hardcore phantom, so it is necessary to It has developed into an important international hub that transports many ships from all over the world every day, and these ships will never be idle and do nothing.
This is a very addictive game, a casual arcade, with a third-person perspective. Be prepared for multiple trips on the entire global map. You will travel to most countries that you know well. You don’t travel the world aimlessly, on the contrary, you deliver important goods to their shipping point. As a courier, work has never been so fun. Depending on your cargo type, sometimes you still have to choose a general delivery method that cannot be opened immediately.
He will build some ports there and organize his activities on a global scale. In addition to delivering various products on the terminal, it is also necessary to establish a defensive structure network to defend against alien invasion.

Earn Unlimited in one click

It only takes a few clicks to complete your first order and get the first funds that can be used to improve the equipment. Then you can open access to trains, forklifts, new trucks and even new ports in one of the most remote places on earth. Expand and successfully complete daily tasks and increase income! How long does it take for you to make your first million?

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FEATURES OF Idle Port Tycoon

  • Beautiful And Full HD graphics
  • Very Simple tasks
  • Very Good management
  • Build a port and earn this coin
  • Expand your empire with more and more ports
  • Build defenses along the coast and save the world.

idle port tycoon mod apk


The game involves building a port from scratch and turning it into a business center.
You also need to create a barrier to prevent aliens from attacking your land.
This will give your employees huge praise and will earn a lot of points for completing tasks.
During this period, you must renovate the port to increase efficiency to handle various transportation logistics. It must receive and send goods from all over the world.

Graphics and Interesting Sound

The game uses 3-D graphics to make the whole construction process interesting. It has an incredible simulation that can simulate real ports to enhance its authenticity.
In addition, the game also provides first-class sound effects to accompany your every move!


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