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Idle Life Sim - Simulator Game
Idle Life Sim - Simulator Game
Developer: Codigames
Price: Free+

Idle Life Sim is a game of Codigames. The studio is a game studio that specializes in fun idle games for Android, such as Idle Supermarket. In “Idle Life Simulation”, you can control your entire life with cute little avatars. You can build and design a perfect house, find the ideal job, and socialize like in real life. The choices are endless, and the potential is huge. With your help, watching a unique life is a wonderful experience and works well on Android.



Choose Your Career

The game will simulate all professions in the world. The game will provide players with the career they want or dream of becoming. Career is essential, it is the main source of income for players, the game will design them in idle style. However, players still need to become more advanced in their chosen profession. They need to upgrade and get higher positions in their jobs. If the player’s level is higher, then it will bring more money to the player during the idle period.

Simulated World

Getting started with Idle Life Sim will provide a platform for the progress of the rest of the character, this progress mainly occurs when you leave the phone. First, customize the look, whether it is male or female, and choose some basic decorations for your first home. Then, starting from work, let the characters do their work while cooking, reading or working. The magic part, and the reason why loitering games are so popular on mobile phones is that they do not require you to spend all your time to get a good sense of progress. Idle Life Sim is doing very well.

Create A Totally Unique Avatar

To make the characters really feel like your own, you can create an avatar at the start of the game with a bunch of different customisation tools. You can change their facial features, their hair, size, costumes, clothes and so much more. Throughout the game you’ll be able to collect more and more items from them, such as new clothes to stock the wardrobes with or a new hairstyle and color to impress your brand new avatar friends! These avatars are cute and lovable, perfect for an idle game.


Start with a slightly higher loft and then become the owner of a giant mansion due to your management. Go to an ornament retailer to buy furniture and decorations. You might start with a mattress, TV, rug, or stylish pouf. You may have a wall clock or a brand new sofa. In addition to the fully equipped kitchen, do not ignore some photos and works. Build a comfortable apartment! If possible, move to a larger house and improve your items as efficiently as possible. In addition to comfort, this area is also a problem. When you buy a new type of furniture, your default house is small and narrow. Please upgrade, your house will expand, with more rooms and areas. At the same time, new furniture and decorations will also be unlocked.


Despite being an idle game, idle life simulation can still simulate all real things. In addition, it allows you to interact with other Sims in the game, not just simply click, click and click like other idle games. Download the MOD APK file of the Idle Life Sim game we provide for a fun experience!


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