Heroes Strike (MOD, Unlimited Gold/Gems)

Heroes Strike is a MOBA game with many different modes and uses cute, friendly, and vivid 3D graphics to bring players an intense experience on the battlefield. When players come to play this game, the first thing that impresses them is the diversified skill system, unique character categories, and effective player equipment. The game’s game mode is also very diverse, allowing players to play with friends or participate in battle royale games. Also, the game is a 3v3 survival shooting type, so players must not only use personal skills but also must know how to collaborate with teammates to overwhelm the battlefield.

Heroes Strike Features

  • 3v3 Modern MOBA
  • Game of King with 8 Players,
  • Battle Royale 12 players
  • Balanced character and skills
  • There are also many monthly updates,
  • Simple control, bring smooth game experience
  • New content appears frequently (new heroes, skins, skills, arenas, modes, etc.
  • Always provide fun activities and a great opportunity to earn decent items.
  • This is a “full-skill” center-core game, but the rules are simple and easy to learn.

Heroes Strike Offline combines two of the most popular modern game modes, Battle Royale and MOBA, and brings it to your phone for free. Download the apk for offline hero battle, you will be able to jump into the fantastic 3v3 MOBA style game, with battle royale mode for up to 14 players and many other monthly updates, as long as you play the game you can keep the game fresh. The graphics are great, the music is suitable, is it the most important? You don’t need the internet to play these games!

Heroes Strike Mod Apk

The game fights A.I developed by players with different skill levels. If you find the game too easy or too difficult, you can raise or lower the standard. It depends on you, you may find it better on Battle Royale than on MOBA because although they share some of the same mechanics and principles, they are very different game modes! Jump into the “hero raid” world, try new hero features, test your goals, and have fun without having to connect to the Internet.


The gameplay is simple and easy to understand, but it will be very difficult for players to master everything and become a professional player. The creative team created the game style of the game with a fighting style, which is very familiar to players. The purpose of this game is different from other games on the market. Players are not responsible for destroying all opponents, nor are they responsible for destroying opponents’ home courts. The player will still use the gun to destroy the enemy, but it is up to him to decide who wins. It is the stars that can decide the winner, and the player will be responsible for collecting the stars scattered on the battlefield, and the team with the most stars will become the winning team. Therefore, players only need to try to collect the stars present on the battlefield to win. But this is not easy, but players must fight to win the stars.

Designed for freebies!

Heroes Strike takes MOBA as the core and combines many other elements to create fascinating, diverse, and exciting gameplay. Depending on the game mode selected by the player, the goals in the game will be different. The game will end until the time is up or the team completes the goal. Players can choose a random game mode or any specific game mode to show their skills on the battlefield. In battle, the player’s character will start at level 1. If the player destroys the enemy, the character will gradually upgrade. The leveling function is essential, it is the core of the MOBA game. As the character upgrades, the basic attributes will be improved and allow players to add points with any skill. Each character has up to 4 different types of skills, some of which can be active skills or passive skills.

Heroes Strike Mod Apk

Diverse Characters

Currently, the game provides players with 20 characters, each character will have 17 different skills for users to choose to use in the game. Each character will also have different lip characteristics such as movement speed, resistance, damage … so players can choose.


The game has an extremely realistic and colorful 3D graphics format, but the characters will be designed in the Chibi style to approach a large number of players. This game brings a new experience to players, partly because of the effect of graphics.

Mod Apk Info

Although offline Battle Royal is not as cool as you think. But you can put it on the driving range so that when you participate in online MVP competitions, you can become the king of fighters. You can make it more interesting through endless projects, such as:

  • Infinite Money
  • VIP Unlocked
  • Unlimited Gems
  • All the weapons & characters unlocked.


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