Download Heroes Strike Offline v106 (Unlimited Money)

The opponents of heroes Strike Offline (MOBA) and (Battle Royale) are not randomly selected, but based on the experience gained, recent performance and winning percentage. Therefore, you will not be bored. Hero Strike-MOBA and Battle Royale action multiplayer battles, three to three games, many roles. Choose an available character, and the player will start an exciting battle with a real opponent.
Designed for gifts! -Each class has a solid hero and 5 different skills to start-rich rewards, easy progress-all items can be obtained for free. As a PvP player, you will love this game! -It can be said that “all skills” is an intermediate game, but the rules are simple and easy to learn-Simple controls can bring a smooth game experience-Balance characters and skills-New content (new heroes, skins, skills, arenas, Proes… )-No lag: we have servers all over the world! -There are fun activities at any time, and there are also great opportunities to earn decent items. The battle is calling your name! Get ready for tactics, fight side by side with your allies, and climb the alliance!

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GAMEPLAY of Hero Strike

Players will still use guns to destroy enemies, but who decides who wins. The stars can decide the winner. Players will be responsible for collecting stars scattered on the battlefield, and the team with the most stars will be the winning team. Therefore, players only need to try to collect the stars that exist on the battlefield to win. But this is not easy, but players must fight to win stars. Players have another way to win in the game, which is to eliminate as many opponents as possible. Because every player who kills an opponent loses a star, the more you kill, the more stars you get. Every time an opponent is eliminated, the player will also gain experience points. After leveling up, the player will gain skill points to make it stronger. Therefore, if the player kills many opponents, it will become stronger in the next battle.

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The game also allows players to customize the interface to freely adapt to themselves, and players can arrange joysticks, buttons or other things for a better control experience. The console will have all the important functions of the player.
Players need to understand the characters they control and coordinate with other teammates to create excellent combos. In battle, players can coordinate actions, attacks, skills or interact with the environment, and players can do their best to bring victory to the team in the game.

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Designed for freebies!

Players can choose a random game Proe or choose any specific game Proe to show their skills on the battlefield. In battle, the player’s character will start from level 1. If the player destroys the enemy, the character will gradually upgrade. The leveling function is very important, it is the core of MOBA games. When the character is upgraded, the basic attributes will be improved and the player will be allowed to add points with any skill. Each character has up to 4 different types of skills, some of which can be active or passive skills.


The game has a very realistic and colorful 3D graphics format, but the characters will be designed in the style of Chibi to get close to a large number of players. This game brings a new experience to players, partly because of graphics.


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