Hempire 2.0.1 + Unlimited Diamonds + VIP + Money

Hempire-plant-developed video game: Even in many parts of the world, Bud is actually just a banned drug because it is addictive and will hallucinate your own people. However, the use of mild drugs is induced in some areas. Hempire is a game launched by LBC Studios Inc. in British Columbia.

In Hempire, you can play your favorite idol characters to build and manage the legacy of marijuana and become a empire in the pot. With the help of Hempire mod for Android and iOS, become the leader of a mile high industry. Get unlimited cash and unlimited diamond resources in your gaming account.

Hempire Features:

1. Bake biscuits, brownies and other weed foods.
2. Customize your favorite strain and plant some delicious buds.
3. Renovate buildings, repair streets and build your cannabis empire.
4. Wonderful story, easy to understand.
5. Upgrade and repair your planting equipment.
6. Increase your net worth and invest your income in local businesses and real estate.
Develop your weed farm into a thriving cannabis business.
7. Make a deal, develop your hot pot market, and expand your business.
8. Selling commodities, buying and selling weeds for profit.
9. Sell items and products to make more money.

Hempire Mod Apk


When playing Hempire for the first time, you will receive instructions on growing weeds and nurture them until they can be harvested. You need to find potential customers and trade with them to expand your empire. They are very simple and intuitive, you only need to read the text on the screen and click the corresponding function. Therefore, the goal of the game is very clear: to develop business and research new weeds.

Become a tycoon

Yes, the boss will never make money from a job. When the weed business is large enough, consider other things, such as investing in other businesses, investing in real estate, or infringing on the construction industry, and making the humble town a big city. Of course, the design depends on you, and don’t forget to sell weeds in the areas where people live.

Grow your empire

If you are interested in news, you may know that this work is very profitable. Therefore, many people dare not make money. In this game, there are similar people who are your business competitors. If their quality is good enough for mass production faster, then the young business you are building will soon collapse. Don’t let them have this opportunity. Efforts to serve customers, develop customers in the best way to meet customer needs.

Hempire Pro Hack Features:

  1. Unlimited Cash
  2. Free to download
  3. Unlimited Diamonds
  4. Autoupdate
  5. Unlimited Credits
  6. Unlimited Keys
  7. VIP Unlocked
  8. Totally Safe
  9. Unlimited Fertilizer

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