Harvest Town MOD APK 2.1.6 (Unlimited Money)

Harvest Town is a role-playing game with an amazing behind story. In this game, the player can grow crops, harvest, build houses and buildings. it is a pixel-type game with over a million downloads on the google play store.

Name Harvest Town
Publisher Avid.ly
Category Role-Playing
Version 2.1.6
Size 226M

About Harvest Town

The harvest town plays a background story at first where the character goes on living in a city where he does a job and lives as his whole life moved. but at the old age, he gave a thought that was it worth living like that and when he wakes up he is present on his farm and has to relive country life and what changes should do to the farm best suited for him. Now a character can plant crops, grow and harvest, raise horses, cattle, chickens, and even can pet cats or dogs.

  • Harvest Town Screenshot
  • Harvest Town Screenshot
  • Harvest Town Screenshot
  • Harvest Town Screenshot
  • Harvest Town Screenshot
  • Harvest Town Screenshot
  • Harvest Town Screenshot

It has combined many RPGs and NCP to amaze it more. take care of form build your cottage, have check and balance of livestock and do business. at the start at the left bar of the screen red and blue bars are present red for the health and blue for health points. when the red bar decreases due to executions and tasks go home and take a break to restore health.


To make it more realistic the studio has added an NCP character who has important information and other role-playing characters. where you can exchange goods/ do business and get more tools for cropping and protecting the farm isn’t it real? like normal country life where one has to survive growing crops and doing business. it is an insight into village/country life.

Open Map/unlimited freedom

The open map means the player goes on trips to other towns and freely does business with other RPG and NPC. Make friends, train NPC, and take information from them to complete your tasks.

Graphics & Multiplayer

Harvest town is a pixel-type game, and the screen is beautiful and full of greenery when planted crops. The player can play in a multiplayer mode with friends and can do business and race.

Upgraded Equipment

This game is more fun when you have an advantage of all the tools used for farming and building like shovels, axes, hoes, sickles to cut trees, stones, etc, and for races. as the level advances in the game, you will need more tools to complete the tasks.


A fairy tale game that makes you wonder about country life having your farm and cultivating the crops. from cattle to farming and building your cottage to keeping your garden safe and healthy this game offers all. the player begins managing cottage and planting crops harvesting, doing business to racing, and protecting your little virtual world. you can befriend heterosexuals make them life-partner live life as married. this game revolves around RPG and NPC characters and they help in completing the task and advancing the levels. so, don’t be late and enjoy a whole new level of fun playing Harvest Town.


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