Greedy Cats Kitty Clicker Mod APK 1.6.0 (Unlimited Money)

By | April 17, 2021

Greedy Cats Kitty Clicker is an arcade game launched by PIKPOK. This game is a combination of good food and greedy cats. Devour as much as food and compete with other greedy cats present in the world and win the eating contests. Eat more win the gluttons and unlock your fan base in a game. The more you win the more your cat can eat and earn coins then upgrade your fan base. Also, you can earn more attributes for your cats such as stars goggles, spoons, and pretty clothes.

Greedy Cats Kitty Clicker Features

  • Tap to eat more to complete the new levels and earn trophies globally.
  • As you win more in the game than your cat will get powerful abilities to eat more snacks fast.
  • Wins during competitions are good when one hears cheers on and on. To get cute cheering fans win and get more fans and be cheerful with them.
  • Compete in time-limited events to earn extra coins and more experience and level up your character quickly in the game.
  • The more your cat looks different from the competitors the more fan base you have. get cosmetics and other in-game materials to differ your cats. put star sunglasses, colorful hats, and stunning clothes shine and get more cheers from fans.
  • You can compete against online players from all over the world in eating contests and earn more coins and get leveled up more.

Greedy Cats Kitty Clicker Mod APK

Eat Food as a Cat

Cats are the animals used as number one pets globally. Human tends to eat lots of food and devour every cuisine in the world which is not possible likely. If that is the case then here is the solution Greedy Cats: Kitty Clickers game. in which attribute of eating is combined with cats. Greedy cats want to devour any food that comes in the path. As a greedy cat, you have to participate in the time-limited eating events and win to prove your skills and worth. Use your wins to unlock cute befitting outfits for your cat.

Clicker Game

The clicker game means the game is base on tapping the screen and is an addictive and more popular mobile game style. This game is more fun for those people who are cat lovers as well as foodies. Enter the eating contests eat food and earn coins. The more clicking speed you have the more you can eat and win competitions.

Greedy Cats Kitty Clicker Mod APK

Missions and Events

During this game, your character has to fulfill daily missions, daily donuts, and special events to earn rewards. Complete the given daily mission and get new outfits or new wear for your cats. Special events are time-limited eating contests to earn extra rewards and getting experience more quickly.

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Unlock New Outfits/Wear & Tools

Developers have put an interesting option in this game to decorate your cats even more and get more fan base. Get more colorful dresses and wears upon completing certain levels and special missions in the game. Such as; Kimono, Cowboy Jacket, and Security jacket with different abilities like clicking power and more fans. Other accessories are eyeglasses, spoons, and chopsticks.

Greedy Cats Kitty Clicker Mod APK

Graphics and Sound

The PIKPOK developers have made cats very cute that appeal to adults and children. Like real cats, these virtual cats have tenderness and joy and during eating contests, these make munchy or chomp noise is bit funny. Bright colors in the game and relaxing music during the missions and gluttony are ace and fun to hear and play.

How to Download & Install Greedy Cats Apk?

  1. Press on the Download Option given below.
  2. Open the folder where the file is downloaded on the mobile.
  3. Click on the setup of the application.
  4. Install and enjoy playing greedy cats and eating contests.


The game Greedy Cats Kitty Clicker Apk is mostly for children to play. the adults that are food and cat lovers will also love this game as it combines both cats and food and ultimate fun begins. let’s start an eating contest and see the appetite of your greedy cats!


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