Fallout Shelter MOD APK 1.14.9 (Unlimited Money)

By | April 16, 2021

Fallout Shelter is a free-to-play simulation game made by Bethesda Game Studios in collaboration with Behavior Interactive. This game was launched in 2015. This game is made for Android, IOS, Xbox One, and windows. The plot starts after the nuclear bombing and the survival of humans after it. Fallout Shelter became popular instantly among players and critics. Since its launch, it got many awards including Google Play Best of 2015, Best of the year in Mobile games, Dice 2016, and 2015 Joystick best handheld. Build a community and attract more population keeping in mind the risks that come at any time.

Fallout Shelter Features

  • Interesting gameplay engaging the gamer to continue to play and climb up the ladders of levels. Also, testing skills and abilities of the player in various prospects.
  • Go to wastelands and hidden grounds where the atomic disaster took place and find necessary items and sources.
  • Build up your vault underground 2000 feet and keep your community safe from attacks and risks. this best feature in-game tests the strategical skills of gamers.
  • See how management works and assign every dweller in your community a role that makes them happy and enthusiastic to work under you.
  • Game shows the hard work of creators they put in it and made it easy to play and no technical expertise is needed to play it. Touch and play gameplay to engage users to the very last level.
  • Teach dwellers the art of living a prosperous life. Customize dwellers’ outfits, look and teach them defense tactics to level up in a game.

Fallout Shelter MOD APK

Build Your Vault

In Fallout Shelter game story begins after the bomb hit. the player has to play for survival and go through the apocalyptic situation. Build your bunker shelter called Vault and let other people live there. Be boss and manager keep them safe. And make sure to provide your community the necessities like water, food, and electricity. Build good architectural rooms that suit your residence living and make sure to build a powerhouse enough to provide light. Train your dwellers in combat to fight against bugs, cockroaches, and all sorts of killing animals which radiations made these huge. There are many fallout shelter cheats present in this version.


In Vault the player must ensure the happiness of the dwellers to maximize the happiness index much needed in completing the new levels in the game. Other prospects are strength, charisma, intelligence, agility, and Luck. Make sure to put dwellers according to plan in rooms. So that you can make the most out of their abilities and skills. Like Strength comes in handy when working on building powerplant and charisma to attract outsiders. Make sure to hold weddings and provide enough resources to pregnant women that make them 100% happy and eventually will level up for you. this system in short is to put the right person for the right job.

Fallout Shelter MOD APK


A well-known Vault is where a variety of dwellers live with different skills. Take interest in their personal lives and play matchmaker. Build a radio to attract more outsiders.

How To Download & Install Fallout Shelter?

Click on the Download Button given as DOWNLOAD MOD APK.
Go to the folder where the downloaded file is saved.
Click on the setup of Fallout Shelter
Install it and play all day long and enjoy.

Fallout Shelter MOD APK


Fallout Shelter is amazing gameplay with difficult yet interesting levels. Build up your base 2000 feet down the ground. Attract dwellers by making good rooms and radio rooms. Provide them water, food, and electricity. Protect dwellers from huge bugs, cockroaches, cockroaches, and other creatures. Be their matchmaker and host a wedding party. this game is about the survival of a post-apocalyptic situation and how to handle that situation. Testify your managerial skills have fun!


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