Fail Run Mod APK 1.4 (Unlimited Money/No Ads)

By | April 15, 2021

Fail Run Mod Apk game is launched by VOODOO and is a good agency from France in arcade games. arcade simulator is used to take a human role and to walk to the finish line and the whole essence of the game is to walk along indicated paths pressing directions on screen to complete each level.

Fail Run Mod Apk Features

  • Get unlimited money.
  • No Ads while playing the game.
  • Unlimited coins to reach new levels.
  • Complete all the levels you want.
  • Unlock all classic and legendary outfits for the game.

Choose Your Outfit

Fail Run Mod APK

In a fail-run game, the players can have different looks depending on their interests. there are 75 classic and 16+ legendary outfits/pictures to choose from. Initially, the police officer is given but the outfits unlock after completing different levels and filling the bottles with new skins. when a bottle is 100% full then outfits include cop, firefighter, joker, and many others are unlocked.

Walk like a Baby

In this game character/player has a lack of balance and hard to finish the level without falling. while playing this game reminds you of an infant who is to learn to walk and struggle to maintain balance. there are different obstacles like chairs, toilets, falling balls to watch while reaching the finish line. it looks like an easy game to play avoiding all those obstacles and walking towards the finish line but it is hard. hard to believe then give it a try today!

Challenging Obstacles

At the start of the game, Fail Run has easy obstacles like concrete floors, stumps, and cars, toilets but after the 10th level difficult obstacles start like an abyss, benches, boxes, and tall vans. this game contains more than a hundred levels and hence the obstacles to losing the player’s balance.

Laugh Out Loud

when an adult loses balance when walking over toilets, benches, boxes, etc makes it hard to control laugh but Fail Run made it possible and the character’s gaits make it more hilarious to control a laugh. Even the finishing level is made funny as the character hits his head to the line on the ground to complete the level.

Fail Run Mod APK

Graphics and Sound

Like any other game from VOODOO, Fail Run has the same sober and conservative 3D style. every detail in the game is to the point and no extras are there to distract a player. boxes are placed in a turret position to cast the shadows. when changing the outfit of the player or skin hair also changes with that. the Sound effects were not given at the time of launch. because balancing every step needs attention. with the latest updates creators are considering it giving a sound to make it more interesting and fun.

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How to Download and Install Fail Run?

  1. First, click the given download link to download the Apk.
  2. Click the download option if ads open then click again on the download tab.
  3. The Fail Run will start to download.
  4. Go to the file where the game is downloaded then click to install setup for the Fail run game and enjoy after installing it.


Fail Run the game where the gaits of character are controlled by the player and to finish the line without falling. continuously tapping on the screen to move feet without tripping. the game advances with obstacles at different levels. try to cope with obstacles like benches, boxes, wrecking balls, and stumps. a player can change look/skin and outfits while filling bottles of skin up to 100%. at the start, it looks like child’s play. believe that it is easier said than done. Give it try and have fun!


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