Erase Her: Puzzle Story Mod APK 1.1.6 (Unlimited Money)

By | May 5, 2021

Eraser Her: Puzzle Story is a game by Gamejam in the category of puzzle-solving. Check your IQ level by playing this game. The game is based on different scenario stories to solve. Solve the story by erasing unnecessary items, things, or a person. Erase to solve the drawing problems. Come through stories of love, compassion, jealousy, life and death, death in prison, controversies, and affairs. The main character is a redhead girl with the power to erase anything thing in the game.

Erase Her: Puzzle Story Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Coins
  • No Ads
  • Unblock everything
  • Updated Features

Erase Her Puzzle Story

Eraser is the Solution

This is a story-based puzzle game. there are different scenarios or stories are given to solve the problem. Focus your energy on finding the solutions that are hidden in the decorated gameplay/level and then erase them. See, it looks that simple but instead the player must have a sharp eye to catch every tiniest details and mind to solve that in the game then unhide it via eraser. Erase monsters and enemies if that is not happening then take hints and try unhiding other stuff that weakens or can kill the monsters. Like vampires can be killed via light so unhide the sun from clouds or trees.

Funny and brain Teaser Stories

Play your way through craziest adventures with pretty girls. Go on a date with a vampire to get her weaknesses. Get the maniac out from the shadows with your wits. Survive the plane crash with puzzle solving. These are the stories included by the designers in the game along with love affairs, jealousy, and life and death situations. Cope with these stories with your sharp mind and erase the correct object, person, or thing to unhide the solution.

Erase Her Puzzle Story mod apk

Multiple Exciting Levels

The gameplay changes on each different chapter. Every chapter has its puzzles and problems to solve. In one chapter there is a girl with lots of issues. The player copes with tricks to save her then again, she is in trouble in some other place. other exciting levels include fighting with werewolves, cope with vampires, and different problems to solve, like when you end up in an evil genius lab guess codes, try different mechanisms, and solve a puzzle to open doors. Use your brain to the fullest and with knowledge and hints given to solve the problems given in these chapters. there are 10 to 15 stages in each chapter that make different stories to solve.

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Graphics and Sound

The game is created in a 2D cartoon style to play. the characters are drawn in different ways to hide the objects, persons, and items that should be erased by the players. The game has no sound to distract the user from the game.

Erase Her Puzzle Story mod apk


  1. Press on the Download Option given below.
  2. That leads to the link and click on the link to start the download.
  3. Open the folder where the file s downloaded.
  4. Click on the setup
  5. Install and play the game and solve the game levels in drawing but erasing.


Go on in thinking and logic game to cope with different puzzles and help the characters in the game. Erase the correct object, person, and thing that hinders solving the problem. Use logic and your sharp eyes to pinpoint the wrong things or unnecessary things sitting in the room them erase them to solve the problems.


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