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By | July 17, 2021

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More recently, developer Frozen Frog gave players the opportunity to experience a new part of the adventure game. Dungeon Survival 2: Legend of the Colossus has appeared on the Play Store. This series made a splash among fans of RPGs, but the second part of the game has become much more popular than the first one. In the continuation of the plot, you have to explore new locations that are located underground. Collect own army, which consists of 18 heroes. The main enemy is the monsters of the Dungeon, which are several times superior to strength of the main character. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the skills of his warriors, increasing the chances of victory. Do you like adventure? Then do not pass by Chicken Police: Paint It Red and Sonic Forces.


Overall Info

Category RPG
Developer Frozen Frog
Size 65 Mb
MOD Info Unlimited Energy
Requires Android 5.0+


Dungeon Survival 2 brings you heroes with unique skills and talents, special achievements and missions and a whole Dungeon world. Android users have installed the adventure game over a thousand times with an average rating of 4.5. Commenters note frequent app crashes.

Learn the plot from dialogues

By exploring locations, going through training and visiting the Town Hall, you will be able to participate in dialogues. Use them to learn a lot of interesting information. It can concern the Dungeon or specific players. It is also possible to attract this or that hero using the right phrases.

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Explore beautiful locations

Exploration of the world in Dungeon Survival 2 gives the player financial resources in the form of gold or diamonds, as well as an irreplaceable experience. In the process of exploring locations, you need to conduct dialogues with plot characters and participate in strategic battles.

Participate in strategic battles

You find such battles in Research mode. Here the heroes stand in order, and both sides are placed randomly in the running order. After the turn has passed to a specific user, player must select the desired skill. Here you should carefully approach the choice, because you need to take into account the amount of mana used and the time it takes to recharge.

Enjoy various equipment

Character menu of Dungeon Survival 2: Legend of the Colossus contains Equipment graph, where the main character must choose the preferred equipment and weapons for the warriors used. It is possible to get equipment for completing strategic battles, exploring new locations, in the store and in story gifts. Each item has its own special properties and qualities that the player must consider when choosing equipment. Moreover, not every weapon or outfit is suitable for a different hero.

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Upgrade skills to become better

Each character has a number of skills with options of improvement in the menu of the selected hero. Therefore, each hero has about five useful talents. Each of them allows increasing damage and reducing the amount of time spent on recovery (Skill CD). Improvements also affect the amount of mana that is required to summon a particular skill.

Graphics and Sound

Dungeon Survival 2: Legend of the Colossus can boast of detailed graphics. More emphasis focuses on the appearance of the players, as well as the variety of in-game landscapes. The game uses a palette of vibrant colors and each of the characters has own unique appearance. As a soundtrack, players can hear a calm and cheerful melody. However, when it comes to battle, the music changes its genre, adapting to the storyline battles.

Mod Description

It is necessary to spend energy in order to fight enemies successfully. Most often, there is not enough energy, which noticeably slows down the plot process and can lead to defeat. Therefore, we provide you with opportunity to install Dungeon Survival 2: Legend of the Colossus with unlimited energy mod.

Mod Testing

After entering Dungeon Survival 2: Legend of the Colossus, you need to register with your email address and password. Next, you get into the adventure mode with locations of the Town Hall and Research available for you. Learn the whole history of the Dungeon and introduce yourself by own nickname. Charlotte and Salsa, main heroes of the game, will help the new character get used to the Dungeon. They can tell the main character learns a lot of new information about the adventures. During Research, you need to go through level after level in order to clear the lands of the monsters living in them.

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Our Summary

Real adventures in the Dungeon await you in the sequel to the acclaimed game Dungeon Survival. There are new locations, aggressive monsters and a story mode. You will be able to create a whole army to fight evil and survive in the difficult conditions of the Dungeon.

How to Install Dungeon Survival 2 Mod APK?

  1. Go to download page and get the latest app version.
  2. Open file manager and launch dungeon-survival-2-technifiser.com.apk.
  3. Switch on “Allow from this source” tab in device settings in case of installing APK file for the first time.
  4. Complete installation process following tips on the screen.

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