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Dragon epic is a legendary creature, no one knows if it exists, but many dragon games have been released. But in many of these games, most involve taking care of dragons. But in the “Dragon Epic” game, players will experience a completely different feeling. Something that the player has never seen anywhere. The game combines the types of dragon and flying shooting games to provide players with more novel experiences.

This is the latest adventure game. The game was developed by ONESOFT. Your device must be Android 4.4 and higher. Currently, the game has more than 500,000 downloads and installations on Google Play. The number of players joining the game is increasing. Players will be very attracted when playing this game. Let us discover this game now.

Dragon Epic-Idle and Merge-Arcade Shooting Game-a game that combines scroll shooting, clickers and RPG. Among them, players will need to use dragons to deal with a large number of opponents. Each breathing lizard here has its own unique function. Combining the dragon group, users will get a huge combat power.

dragon epic mod apk



Evolve and practice twenty unique dragons with completely different attack types, spell talents and routes (normal, rare, epic, legendary)
Unleash epic power-the more you practice, the higher the facility!
Become immortal by competing in the League of Legends!
⦁ Are you ready to solve the exquisite merger dragon entertainment and accumulate a large number of cute fire-breathing dragons? Train them to develop their own breeds according to their wishes, and prove that they are the world’s tallest dragon epic legendary Vale champion?
⦁ If you are a big fan of incremental video games (also known as idle video games, clicker video games or clicker video games), we all know that you will be crazy for this entertaining game! So get it now and discover!
⦁ When you fall into exhausted attractions, you will get fairy-tale help
⦁ Replay mode can get extra gems, extra energy, and beat too many scores
⦁ Progress task unlock
⦁ Free gadgets, free packaging, free dragons (free storage)
⦁ The Dragon Video game does not cost Offline reward function
⦁ Idle video games: Automatically play games when idle and get gems in entertainment activities.
⦁ Nurturing powerful dragons
When the world of dragons is in danger of being invaded, the only way to survive is to breed powerful dragons. This is the only thing that can defeat and destroy enemies trying to occupy this place. Players can breed many different types of dragons to fight the enemy. Currently, there are more than 20 different dragons to be cultivated. They are divided into different levels, namely “common”, “rare”, “epic” and “legendary”, the stronger they become. Each species will also have different shapes for players to explore.

dragon epic mod apk
Gameplay of dragon epic:

Unlike other flight shooting games on the market, players have to do many things to fight. But there is no need to do this in this game, because the dragon will automatically attack the enemy when there is no enemy, and you don’t need to do anything. Players only need to assist in upgrading the dragon to make it stronger in battle. Although the game is simple, it does not mean that players will be disappointed because of the disappointment that the game brings to players. On the contrary, it also provides players with many interesting and exciting experiences, suitable for those who don’t have much time to play games.


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