Dragon Ball Legends (Unlimited Power)

“Dragon Ball” is an animated film, a comic related to the childhood of several generations. “Dragon Ball” is the most popular and popular anime/cartoon series in the world. Dragon Ball told Sun Wukong’s journey with his passion for learning immortal martial arts. He went through the study of martial arts masters and explored the world with friends to find Dragon Ball. He met and resisted the villains who planned to rule the world.

Experience the full action of this card-based fighting game, your character will fight the commands on the card you put on the screen. It is both an excellent card game where you can collect all the best power-ups and special moves, and an interesting battle game where you can actually see heroes fighting each other in battle and attacking with summoned energy Explode each other.

Dragon Ball Legends Apk Features

Dragon Ball Legends Apk Features

  • You can easily control your Dragon Ball Fighter.
  • You will fight with Dragon Ball fans from all over the world.
  • A 3D environment will be created for users to provide a real experience.
  • You will experience a brand new adventure with Goku and all other favorite characters.
  • There will also be high-quality 3D stage and character sounds to provide an amazing experience.
  • This is not a fighting game, but a video game against cards. There will be five types of cards, namely melee, long range, support, special and ultimate.
  • There will be some items available for in-app purchases that will automatically enhance your gameplay and help you improve. If you don’t want these in-app purchases, you can disable them through device settings.



DRAGON BALL LEGENDS follows role-playing games. In combat, players will choose combat skills based on the character to harm the enemy. However, each skill used by the player consumes mana, and when this mana source is exhausted, the player needs to use the mana to restore the skill or use other auxiliary items. In each battle, the player can carry up to 3 characters, and can choose one character to fight. Each character has a limited source of energy, and if the vitality is exhausted, the character will die. Players can switch to other characters to fight. Try to eliminate all 3 characters of the opponent team to win the final.


The character system in DRAGON BALL LEGENDS is the original content in the original comic. You can find Son Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Vegeta, Nappa, number 17 and many other characters. In addition, the game has three future characters: “Shallot”, “Zahha” and “Giblet”.

Shallot is the main character of this game. He is a Saiyan and loves to compete with the strong in the game. “Zahha” is a secondary character, only displayed in story mode. He is an unknown race and the first member to join Green Onion. Giblet is Shallot’s twin brother and a character that only appears in story mode. In addition to having this character, players must also fight Giblet as the boss in Chapters 2 and 3.

Collect the Dragon Balls

There will be dragon balls on some cards in battle-use them! After collecting all the cards with Dragon Ball, you can use Rush Rush to easily defeat your opponent. This will cause all of your remaining team members to attack immediately and cause devastating damage to your opponent. It will not automatically win the game, but it can undoubtedly take you closer to victory.

Ditch the Hero characters

The hero category is the lowest category in the character. Although there are some familiar faces in the series, in fact, if you want to improve, you don’t have to worry about grabbing them. The best characters in the game are far superior to the old hero characters and can cause huge damage.

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