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chapters mod apk game is for all those that are searching for their love since this game incorporates romantic love tales.Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK Full version.You may perform a personality and immerse yourself from the psychological love story.



  • Version: 1.7.1
  • Size: 77.82 MB
  • Price: Free
  • Root needed: No Need
  • Offers In-App Purchase: No
  • Price: Free

Make Your Own Story Choices

That is always a sport with classic gameplay, however with all the narrative updated continuously, it’s still new to this participant. Within this sport, there are various stories written by gifted authors. That means you may feel that spins are so sudden you can’t predict what will occur.

But regardless of how much spin it’s, players continue to be the determining factor. Because scenarios will happen, and gamers might need to choose what to do. Like real life, each little decision will cause individual results during an individual’s lifetime; this sport also has lots of distinct endings.

The stories are going to be a happy end, or some other impacts are caused by you personally. In any case, due to many unexpected outcomes, you can perform a narrative many times, each single time you renew your choice, it’ll be a new adventure.

Chapters: Interactive Stories Mod APK – Unlimited Diamonds/Tickets

Wish to go through the sport in its predecessors? Download the boundless diamonds, free buying mod APK to receive each one the stories, and also have diamonds to perform. Experience each the tales to the family members and delight in a vast fantasy and romantic experience today. It is all there for your taking.chapters mod apk unlimited gems


Amazing New Features Of Chapters Interactive Stories Mod Apk Unlimited

Can you find that every evening is merely actually a rewarding experience? You watched several characters behave with people about them and noticed lots of images on tv.

In the event you would like to experience a life like a novel, then you’re able to log into Chapters: Societal testimonies together with play. But don’t neglect to spend the match using 90MB to your device.chapters game mod apk is best game.




User Reviews


I absolutely love this game. The only downside is that each choice costs so much.. I really wish that the options weren’t so expensive.. Or when you watch an ad for diamonds, that it gave you more than 2 per ad. You also only get so many ads per day.. So no matter when it is that you use them all, y.


So, this is a nice game but I have two things that bother me. 1. The amount of tickets. Isn’t it the point of an app like this to keep your customers playing? It”s frustrating having to wait eh to continue. 2. The amount of diamonds a choice costs. I get that some choices cost something but why mak…

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