Download Campus Date Sim Apk 1.95 (Unlimited Everything)

Everyone has unique qualities, But Campus Date Sim and everyone needs to find their own way. Attract girls’ hearts through gifts and flirting. You can use slot machines and portable games to show off all your fun skills.

The story begins with an app on a mobile device that directs the attention of a pretty girl. The radar app points to a campus very close to the campus. Here, you will meet three charming students who are interested in you and eager to communicate with you.

2D Graphics & Locations

Campus Date Sim has semi-realistic 2D graphics, allowing you to wander between reality and fantasy. This artistic style is a great way to immerse different women in it. In addition, some scenes will be animated in 3D.
Moreover, women are always eye-catching. Just don’t stare at them for too long. You may get lost. We cannot count the number of times people walk into poles and walls just staring at their phones. Remember: Never walk, especially in front of your girlfriend, don’t play this sexy game while driving!

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The Different Women You Can Date

As a dating simulation game, the most important thing is to take action against certain women. Of course, you have plenty of room to choose among various options. Therefore, please rest assured that we have created a list of available potential girlfriends.
Apart from the name, there are no other details. We will leave the mystery and excitement of understanding them to the players. Anyway, here are the names of different girls you can talk to:
Now, you decide which lucky ladies have left you. You have enough diversity as to which type of woman is best for you. Some people may be very excited and energetic; others may be boring or ordinary. In any case, as long as you are satisfied in a date. They are all equally beautiful and open to build relationships.

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Campus Date Sim Info

  • Go to the store (click the button in the upper right corner, then select the buck/energy project), and then select the product of interest.
  • Click the “Buy” button (the price should be written on the price, if not, start the game via the Internet, if not, please enter the Google account in the phone settings);
  • When a window with a payment error appears (it should be written as this version of the application does not support use with the payment system), close it;
  • The product was purchased successfully.


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