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Brave Frontier RPG is from gumi inc. Online RPG game. This is the global version of the game. There are two versions of this game. Recently, the game has been updated to have new custom features and mission version features, and APK has also appeared on Bestapkpro.

Brave Frontier
Brave Frontier
Developer: gumi Inc.
Price: Free+

Brave Frontier Features

– Monsters Low ATK
– Items drop x99
– Parades Free Access
– All Quests Unlocked
– All Lands Unlocked
– 65k Zel Reward each quest
– 65k Karma Reward each quest
– Warehouse space increased to 65k
– Town Upgrades reduced to 1 Karma
– Free Access to Super & Mega Metal Parades

Brave Frontier – Unlimited Energy

Brave Frontier Features

Brave Frontier is a role-playing game that is attractive in ancient battles, but is equally striking. Experience the game where you can explore the world of Greater Gaia in fantasy and fight monsters to save innocent people. Peace of Grand Gaia is waiting for you. Brave leadership, the most powerful army fights for justice.
The brave border needs a place to enter the legendary world of Greater Gaia, which was destroyed by the war between God and humanity. A huge veil surrounds the universe. Elgaia’s fund Randall is currently discovering the Grand Gaia incident.

Multi Features

Summon more than 400 heroes, demigods, and beasts, and guide your squad to victory, as opposed to the four fallen castles, because you can venture through the land and surroundings of the Great Gaia!

“Brave Front” was placed in the Greater Gaia region in the early days. The war between God and man broke out, causing trauma and destruction. Behind these things is actually just a man. He caused disgust and made the gods dizzy. The metropolis of Randall, the largest market in this war, was very busy, and every destruction originated from it.

“Final Fantasy Warrior” and even “The Brave Trailblazer King” are usually the most widely used RPG games on mobile devices, as any player knows. Even decades ago, when new technologies were first developed and put into use, large monuments such as “Brave Front” did not appear among the crowd.

The story

The ancient times of Brave Frontier are located on the planet of Grand Gaia. The war between man and god broke out, causing much damage and trauma. Behind all these troubles is a damn person. He caused disgust and disrespected the gods. The city of Randall, the center of the war, was very chaotic, and all the destruction came from here.


  • Test and fight against epic bosses in Quests of PVE Trials, Raids, Frontier Hunter and Vortex Dungeons.
  • Participate in PVP Arena and Roman Arena, and dominate the leaderboard.
  • Compete with other online players in PVP Arena and Colosseum for your best Brave Frontier lineup and rank first in the leaderboard.
  • Collect/enjoy loot for adventure/combat and claim to have special heroes and rare items!

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