Bitdefender Total Security “anti-virus suite”

Bitdefender Total Security “anti-virus suite”

Bitdefender Total Security is an award-winning antivirus and Internet security software package that comes with powerful tools that enable you to ensure system security in every way imaginable. Using a concise and straightforward interface, Bitdefender can provide high-level custom settings, or beginners can use the Autopilot function that automatically adjusts to the equal protection setting.

Bitdefender Total Security can also prevent theft by pinpointing or temporarily blocking devices and lock confidential files in a secure vault. Other features include a new firewall, discrete parental controls, an online payment browser and privacy protection, a vulnerability scanner, as well as online management and smartphone notifications, weekly security reports, and more.

Antivirus protection

Bitdefender’s malware detection starts with a scanner that scans for known threats and is complemented by heuristic monitors to look for signs of infection. Potential new dangerous threats have been uploaded to Bitdefender’s servers for repair. If collecting items from your computer looks a little creepy, you can opt-out. You will still get all security updates.

Bitdefender’s “Secure Files” feature places critical items in folders that cannot be changed or deleted, and its ransomware remediation feature saves copies of files that are being encrypted so that they can be restored automatically.

Antivirus performance

Each of Bitdefender’s five Windows antivirus programs uses the same malware detection engine, which provides excellent protection, although not perfect.

For example, Bitdefender detected 100% known, widely spread malware in Windows 10 tests at the German laboratory AV-Test in May 2019 and June 2019

This puts Bitdefender behind Kaspersky, Microsoft, Norton, and Trend Micro, which all detected all malware samples within two months.

Security and Privacy Features

All paid Bitdefender programs include a new backtracker feature from 2020 that makes web browsing more private and shows you blocked items and page load times. Anti-Tracker works with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

Bitdefender Password Manager works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Bitdefender’s Safe pay browser. The latter makes banking and online purchases more secure by blocking browser add-ons and forcing the use of encrypted HTTPS data streams. It also has an on-screen keyboard that prevents key loggers from logging malware or devices.

Anti-Theft for Windows

For bulky desktop computers that live at home or in locked offices, theft is not the biggest problem. However, modern laptops are so powerful that many individuals (and companies) altogether avoid desktops. It’s easy to take your computer with you anywhere! Or, from a thief’s perspective, bringing a laptop is very convenient.

You don’t need to do anything special to enable theft protection on your Windows laptop. To manage this feature, log in to Bitdefender Central. The buttons on the anti-theft page let you find, lock or wipe the device. The option to sound an alarm is only available for Android.

Premium Parental Control

Bitdefender’s suite includes a basic parental control system that runs on all Windows, macOS, and Android and iOS devices. It’s a new feature since my last review, and you can add “Advanced Parental Controls” for an additional price per year. This feature is also available in Bitdefender Internet Security.

Advanced parental controls are designed to let parents know when their children may be in trouble online without completely trampling on their children’s privacy. If your child posts inappropriate photos, you can let parents know what happened, but do not provide the images themselves. If its AI-based analysis indicates that the child is suffering from cyberbullying, it will notify parents without elaborating. The key is to allow parents to talk to their children and work together to solve problems.

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