Animal Restaurant Mod APK 6.8 (Unlimited Money)

By | April 17, 2021

Animal Restaurant is an android game from DH-Publisher. In this game, animals come to your restaurant to eat. The story goes back to the kind family that picked up a cat from the street. The family wants to open a store and eventually hires a cat employee that will help them run the restaurant and make the visitors happy. Cat is not capable of doing much but brings up humorous situations which make visitors happy. Appeal to new visitors by increasing recipes on the menu and expanding the restaurant.

Animal Restaurant Features

  • Learn all kinds of recipes and back those at your home and eat. Recipes are strawberry pancakes, avocado sandwiches, shaved ice, and spaghetti.
  • You get a stray cat, ragdoll cat, big orange cat, and tabby cat. Be good with an eccentric chef.
  • Listen to the customers! hear their heart-wrenching stories, gossips, and secrets. Argue with them and advise them through chats and letters and change their lives.
  • All sorts of furniture are present to decorate your restaurant as you like with Japanese-style fences, Mediterranean-style ovens, and European-style dessert tables and also, have Alice in Wonderland-style garden tea party.

Animal Restaurant Mod APK

Restaurant Management Gameplay

In this game, the player has to manage the restaurant and attend to its visitors and listen to their stories and earn money in the form of dried fish. The restaurant starts with simple tools where visitors come and buy and pay the money units that is dried fish. The more dried fish you have more developed will be store. Open new bars, dessert tables, refrigerators, and tea fables with earned dried fish units. unlock more items once you have all the ratings.

Earn Currency

Complete daily tasks and missions to earn currency of the game units in the form of dried fish. In Animal Restaurant serve your customers as much as possible to earn extra units. At the start, this is a way of earning money after getting experience the player can use the promotion button.

Animal Restaurant Codes

It is a special way in this game to generate consecutive money while playing the game. the tips are taken from the clients that are served. The best way to take tips is when pots are full. Renew your tip services now and then to increase the money you can keep there.

Animal Restaurant Mod APK

Decorate the Restaurant

When the player gets money units then unlock the options of the expansion and renovation of the restaurant. the player can buy different types of furniture and items that suit the store and restaurant. Also, the player can repair the losses without bonuses associated with the opening of certain items.

Build Your Garden

A Garden can be created when the player starts to collect garden items like water cans, water, and flowers. Move items to the garden for future use and these items don’t disappear when quitting the game. this will favor attracting new customers when sending flowers.

Graphics and Sound

Animal restaurant game is developed in 2D and the graphics of characters is stunning. Music is lively and helps in setting the mood.

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How to Download and Install Animal Restaurant Apk?

  1. Click on the Download option given.
  2. Open the folder in which the file is downloaded.
  3. Click on the setup of the game
  4. Install and enjoy serving the customers in your restaurant.


This is a business simulator game in which the player has to feed the animals at the restaurant. the game is simple the player has to provide better catering services to customers. Expand your restaurant by adding new recipes and grow star ratings.



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